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About our brand

Manelumen, means sunshine of the morning, symbolizes hope, new beginning and strength. We want everyone who comes in touch our brand to receive our message, to harmonize and accept themselves as who they really are.

The mission of our brand is to spread a new belief system.

The belief that every individual comes to shine their light, non is exceptional. Rather than fixating on our “imperfections”, we must raise above and take our power back from outside world, and let the beauty within shine through.

We are on the threshold of a new and exciting era, life is going digital, but we believe that mental health and textured shopping experience will also be the main condition of the new century, We commit to truly connect with every costumer, to help every costumer who shine their light.

Why am I here?

Morning light, the meaning of my name, has lead me to become a person like the morning sunshine with radiating warmth.
I was always a positive and energetic girl growing up. Some times the sunshine can be covered by dark clouds temporally,  but the light always shine through.
In summer 2019,  at age of 22, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. What
seemed like a curse, was the biggest life's present I didn’t know I needed. 
 What had taken significance in my life up to that point; work, school grades, money... was no longer my priorities. At what felt like the end of  my life, all I could think of was “I should have lived my life the way I wanted.” 
To many, death may come faster than realization, yet, I was given a second chance to live, to design a life of my heart’s desire. So I did!  My heart’s desire is to uplift, to encourage others to evolve, and awaken their truth.  

We are grateful for the mother nature and all her gifts that nourish and sustain us. 

We choose Earth-friendly packaging supplies and process will go a long way in minimizing the waste and pollution that end up in our landfills and oceans.

We refuse to use toxic ingredients and cruelty test on animals.

​How did It get started

I've always had sensitive skin growing up. Therefore I am particularly picky about the active ingredients and results of the facial products.

 So I came up with the idea of creating something that is safe and healthy for all skin types. 

Each product has been used for more than six months on different skin types and genders. It’s completely cruelty free, Paraben free, all the packages are made from environmentally friendly materials.


Our products are made for people over the age of 20 who have a need for primary anti-aging in a gentle way.


It was just a simple idea at the beginning,  now I have manifested my childhood dream In to my reality.

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